Thursday, March 22, 2007

Proof of Progress

Albeit very poorly shot proof.

That first one is based on the Lace Pullover (Pattern #1) from VK Winter 2006, but I'm sort of making it up as I go, so it could turn out to be a disaster. The second one is my fresh-out-of-surgery-and-a-bath Embellished V-Neck. The fit was a little off when I tried it on pre-blocking, so hopefully once it's dry it'll be more like I want it to be. That contrast thread you see in there is a guideline for the placement of the lace trims that I may end up omitting altogether.

We'll come back to those later. In the meantime, I have another past FO for you.

These are my first foray into the world of fair isle, and, while they do have some errors, I'm very pleased with how they turned out.

One of the most notable errors is that when I did a tubular cast-on I accidentally cast on 2 extra stitches. I of course didn't realize this until I started the first set of those neat little diamonds, at which point I had to stop for a few hours and agonizingly plot out a new motif to run down the front of the leg. It's still diamonds, and therefore not glaringly obvious, but it's different enough to stand out at a second glance. I call that creative license, damnit.

Pattern - Arched Shaped Stockings from VK Fall 2006 (do you get the feeling that I loved this particular issue?)

Yarn Source - Cervinia Calzetteria purchased at a ridiculously low price from I used almost 2 skeins each of Black and Naples, worked up on size 3 bamboo dpns.

Modifications - Well, other than license usage with the colourwork, I think I lengthened these a bit, used a tubular cast-on with elastic threaded through it instead of plain ribbing, and did some sort of creative license thing with the first repeat of the arch shaping.

Thoughts - I'm pleased with these in so many ways. They're a successful first fair isle, first tubular cast-on, and first pair of knee socks, they're incredibly squishy and warm, and they're machine washable. I can't even express how much the thought of handwash-only socks annoys me. Any other knit item, sure, but socks? Hell no. Those things get washed every time I wear them, and I'll be damned if they're going to get special treatment on every laundry day.


Ibunnysavetroy said...

i was wondering if someone had made those stockings, and i like your version better thenthe orginal. I'll have to make them!

Beanmama said...

I loved that VK issue as well and am dying to make those socks. Yours are SPECTACULAR. Wow.

Unknown said...

I also prefer your laboriously plotted out pattern for the front to the original. Would you consider sharing the chart on Ravelry or here, or anywhere else? I'm Planning to attempt these socks, and was also considering making a different one, but since yo worked so hard on it already, why not let it pay off in more beautiful socks?

Juniper said...

I'd love to! Unfortunately, it's been so very many years since I made these that I've long since thrown away the chart.