Thursday, March 15, 2007

Learning the Hardest Way

First of all, I think it's time for another FO report.

I'm sure everyone is familiar with this pattern by now. After all, Cookie A. does for socks what Eunny Jang does for, well, everything. Her patterns are simultaneously functional and cleverly beautiful, and the instructions are written so well that even someone who is knitting socks for the first time (me) can follow them.

Surprisingly, once I got halfway through the first pattern repeat, I could do the rest without even consulting the chart. The stitch pattern for these is one that truly looks a lot more difficult than it is.

Pattern - Pomatomus, available on knitty.
Yarn - Silja sock yarn, 2.5 skeins
Modifications - I made these taller than specified and used the 2 socks on one circ method, but wasn't comfortable with modifying my first pair of socks too much.
Thoughts - I used this same yarn to knit my first pair of gloves, but when I tossed them in the washing machine without thinking about it they came out completely destroyed. In hindsight, I would have made these out of a machine washable wool, because damnit, I don't really have time to handwash my socks. It is precisely for this reason that I have yet to wear these.


Have you ever come across a pattern and been completely and suddenly smitten with it?

Somewhere in the back of your brain a small voice tells you that it's a bad idea, even while you merrily go about the process of yarn selection and sizing math and swatching, even when you try it on halfway through knitting and think to yourself that it's going well.

It's only when you've completely finished it, blocked it, and stroked it in anticipation that you try it on again and realize with a sudden looming sense of horror that you should have never knit it because it looks horrendous on you.

Have you ever done that FOUR FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW?

Apparently, somewhere in the midst of knitting Butterfly, Butterfly, and Butterfly, I got the idea that knit camisoles would be good on me. It has now been made painfully clear to me that Butterfly, being a laceweight cobweb of a thing, is an exception to the rule. Knit camisoles are a very, very bad idea for me. I love the details of these, the construction, the yarn, everything except the way they look on me. The ballet tee at least I will definitely reknit, for it is comfortable and I love that it's just one continuous spiral, but the other three have taken up permanent residence in the frog pond. Some things were apparently just never meant to be, but at least I've learned my lesson.

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Jessi said...

I'm loving the Pomatomus. I've been wanting to make them for some time now and seeing yours is distracting me even more from my ever-growing to-do list. I also love all of your camis, even if you think they are mistakes. They say we learn from mistakes, so that's one good thing that comes from it. I still think they're beautiful. :)