Monday, May 12, 2008

In Which I Point Out That I Made Something Pink Several Months Ago

For my small sister.

For x-mas. I am master of punctual posting.

In Which I Demonstrate the Fallacy of Being Photogenic

I frequently receive compliments on my appearance. I'm not feeling self-centered enough to talk about this too much today, but take my word for it that I'm attractive. Now, the really interesting thing here is that I'm simultaneously very photogenic

and totally hideous

on camera. Which one of those descriptions applies to any given shot of me depends almost entirely on the photographer. For example, that first one was taken by my best friend, whereas the second one was taken by my mother, the ultimate grand master of bad pictures. Of me. Seriously, if you don't believe me:

Yeah. Like that. The really sick thing is that she only takes terrible pictures of me. That first one (with the spa hair) is so comparatively good that she had it printed and framed. And placed on the fireplace mantle. >_<

let us never speak of this again. In fact, skip right to the next most recent entry, which features both something I have made and someone who is far more consistently photogenic than I.