Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Feel Stupid

Soooo........apparently my blogger comment settings were set to, without my knowledge, "comment moderation on" and "do not notify me of new comments." This means that all this time I had no idea anyone was actually reading my blog, let alone leaving comments. Had I been aware of an audience I wouldn't have let this thing linger for so very very long, but now that I know, well, let's just say I went ahead and published the mass of comments waiting for moderation and am ready to update everyone on my knitting accomplishments over the last almost-year.

Oh, whoa. That's a lot more than I thought. Okay, we're going to do this in smaller chunks. I'll just pick up where I left off and make a point of updating every day or two.


When last we spoke I had just started the IK Prairie Tunic and had a few other things in progress. Since the Prairie Tunic is the only one of those things I have completed and photographed, it's the first thing you get to hear about.

Oh shit. I've forgotten the format for an FO report. O_O Yes, that sounds like a good starting point.

Pattern - Prairie Tunic from IK Spring 06
Yarn Source - Oh, hell if I know. I recycled it from something or other. It's just some random 4-ply black cotton.
Gauge - AHA! HAHAHAHAHA! Not what the pattern called for, clearly.
Modifications - Racerback changed to straight back, boob cups enlarged as much as I could without destroying the original look of them, extra waist shaping added.

Is that all I need to write about it? I think I'm supposed to say something about my thoughts or feelings regarding it, but I'll save that until after I have a shot of it on me. Remind me if I forgot anything else, you who may or may not still be checking in on this.

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