Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In which I fail to provide you with more pictures of my recent work

I have some pictures from the last couple of months, however. They were languishing on my camera, so I pulled them off and spiffed them up a teensy bit.

My hair is very short now, if you didn't already know. This was in a very mediocre Mexican restaurant in the lobby of the DoubleTree hotel. What was I doing in this hotel a few miles from my house? Guess.

My sister was either cold or hiding from the aggressive cart collector at Vons. All I can definitively remember is both of us laughing like idiots.

This is only hilarious if you watch Harvey Birdman semi-religiously.

In any other city I wouldn't care.

Providence led me to the greatest desserts ever. This restaurant is so fantastic, in fact, that their first words to you when you walk through the door are "Are you here for dinner or dessert?"

We all know which one I chose.


Anonymous said...

Okay I love your sister's hoodie! Where did she get it? my email is

Thanks, Sarah

Octavian said...

The pinstripe photo of you is a good one