Monday, December 10, 2007

An End, a Beginning

I'm officially down to my last two final essays. Well, three. Okay, four if you include the math project, which is essentially an essay with graphs. There's also the self-evaluation for my final art project (which I have yet to complete) so that's more like five. Finals are technically over with, or at least that's the impression I got from the half-assed eight question math "final" and series of "goodbye, good luck" well-wishes between Friday and today. If I choose to be lazy about this, I am guaranteed A grades in all of my classes, but my personal standards scream at me to finish everything regardless.

The real point here is not the things I have yet to finish: the point is that in just a few days I'll be moving to Portland for school and once I'm there, oh the things you'll see if I remember to update this thing on a regular basis with pictures and whatnot. I'd even show you some pictures of what I've accomplished this term but alas! They are submitted for grading at the moment. Until then, have a random picture from my digicam.

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